Friday, September 4, 2009

Farmer's Market

It's my favorite thing in the world. No one else I know gets exited like I do when its Farmers Market time! It is held on the other side of town and I ride my bike over at least twice a week. I would only be happier if I grew the food myself, but these people do a very good job. There is always a good variety of your common foods, except Spinach. I have been asking for weeks and they keep telling me it'll be ready in a couple more weeks. I'll check again tomorrow...

But if tomatoes are what you want, then WATCH OUT. I have never seen so many different colored tomatoes in one place.

Yesterday I got a pound and a half of broccoli and noticed some of the flowers where blooming. I got really exited and later found out from a friend that its nutrient quality declines at this stage. She called it the seeding stage, where the nutrients in the plant go into making the seed... or maybe the flower. I don't know. What do people think?

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