Sunday, September 6, 2009

Food Combining What?

Yesterday I discovered the art of food combining: Something I haven't cared to research. When you first start your Raw journey, all you care about is making your food look and taste as delicious as possible. But now I'm considering that the choices I've made have hurt my health pretty drastically. Let me show you what I've been eating.

Although, this may look beautiful, I realize now that it is INSANE. Click on it to see the full size image and try to count the over 20 ingredients. I'm pretty sure I have every single type of fat in here. I don't remember, but knowing me, I probably made a super "nutrient dense" dressing with Olive, Hemp, Flax, Sesame, and Grape Seed oil!!! Plus Avocado. I would put all kinds of fruits, fats, nuts, seeds, and starches, not considering what my poor stomach had to handle.

My philosophy was this: I need to get as many nutrients in me as possible, so that I can tell any critic (my family and friends) that I was doing the best I could.
But not any more! I know food combining!
Here are some other examples:
Look at all the fruit combination here. I am especially drawn to that melon. If you don't know food combining, then I should let you know that experts say melon should always be eaten by itself.
 I gag at this one. Flax seed, olive oil, coconut milk, and citrus.
This last one was really cool, and tasted just like the real thing. I used hemp seed, and sprouted quinoa in place of rice. It RAWcked. 
After seeing these images, I wonder why I'm still thin. I mean this is how I ate every day. I spent hours in the kitchen, and ate until I was stuffed. If people knew this, they wouldn't advice me to eat more. So now I'm left wondering if bad food combinations have interfered with the absorption of nutrients. 

Food combining goes like this:
Every food needs a different environment to be digested in the stomach. The stomach has different acids for different foods. So combining too many things together will demand the stomach to secrete all different kind of acids that interact with each other and freak out. This delays digestion until the sugars and starches ferment, while fats and proteins putrefy. Sick hu? And this is why we fart. That's right. And everyone that knows me will tell you I'm a notorious gas passer.

I've always had problems with digestion. I am often bloated, and passing gas from both ends. I used to think that if I ate too much lettuce, it would sit in my stomach undigested for the entire day. And it was true when I combined the lettuce with a million other little things. Since then I have discovered that I can eat all the leaves I want without any problem, just as long as I mix them cleverly. I don't want to go to much further into it so I'll post some food combining charts. I will be using these in my kitchen as soon as I print them off.


Katie said...

This is really interesting, Russ, and it actually makes a lot of sense. I'm going to research this more and maybe take a closer look at those diagrams.

ReAnn said...

Oh no, today I ate melon. And it wasn't by itself. :/

Atoz said...

russ, these look soooo delicious. Can we PLEASE prepare a meal together sometime. I've never had a 100% raw meal before. -AnnaZaffff