Friday, September 4, 2009

Just for Mom

Hey mom. Everything is gong really well. Jeff and I are getting along, our house is clean (most of the time) I haven't been hospitalized (: my anxiety is in check, I've been going to class, and today I was finally allowed to register for class! Yay. I will be putting up some pictures of my art studios and projects that I'm working on so you can see how much work and fun it is to be in Art. Oh, another thing is I have a blog now! I've had it for just a few days and haven't really told anyone about it yet. I need to get into the swing of writing entries and figure out what they should be about. But so far I've decided to keep it positive and have it bee a personal motivator. I'll be posting about health and all things related. I think Health doesn't just include what you put into your body but also what comes out. For example the emotions, happiness, dealing with stress, treating others with love and all that junk. 

Oh and my birthday is in a few days... I was wondering... a personal trainer sounds nice. (;

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are looking up for you. I am very happy. I knew you could do it! I love you!