Friday, September 4, 2009

We're quite the "pear"

Earlier today I convinced Katie to pick pears with me. I told her she could have her own cotton mesh bag and she was sold. Once we met with the great tree Katie realized that we weren't the only ones interested in what it had to offer. I'd say there were 15, maybe 200 bees sharing the pears. I told Katie that there was plenty for everyone, but she was convinced that if she took a pear they would kill her.
So I did all the pickin' myself. These babies are sweeeet and low glycemic, which is a plus for my overeating-sweet-tooth-having-self. These are some good calories. If I take a couple and eat them on my way to class, I'll get kinda hyper, so I need to watch it. It's like all my meditation practices are thrown out the window every-time I see this tree. I even think about it when I'm in class. Is that anything close to sane?

So I picked for a while, and was forced to share the wealth when Katie sneaked her hand in the bag and snatched a golden pear. What a snake! Just kidding Katie.


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