Monday, September 7, 2009

Looking for a Juicer

I felt kind of silly doing this, but I just knew I had to let the old go, and went with it anyways. I am asking for a free juicer, and although I live in a world where that's unlikely, "ask and you shall receive" right? It's also a good practice to creating your own reality. And when it does happen, it'll be a miracle. So to the one who makes it possible: "thank you."

So this is what I did. I made a good looking flier and printed out 20 copies. I took some over to Wheatsfield (natural food store), gave some to the staff and some I posted on their board. I got 6 left and am thinking of handing them out to my art proffessors.

At first I was nervous, but I'm glad I followed that feeling and went with it. The staff at Wheatsfield was ultra helpfull. One of the ladies there told me that they don't sell any at the store, but have one in the back for some reason. I hope they need it. LOL


ReAnn said...

As the universe brings you a juicer, you can come use mine while you're waiting.

I just bought one, and I'm having my first drink as we "speak" :)

Russ Diaz said...

I KNEW it. Ask and you shall receive!
Thank you for the wehatgrass and carrots. LOVED it!

ReAnn said...

You're welcome, Russ. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

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