Friday, September 4, 2009

Rawckin' Vid

Hey, ya'll. I made a lovely video with a cheesy public-television-documentary-sounding-voiceover. I hope you enjoy it.

At first It's me going to farmer's market, then I talk about the Broccoli Bouquet some more. I know everyone else has seen them flowers, but give me a break. I'm exited to see my food look different from the cookie cutter examples at the grocery stores.

Lastly I had to show these people I met at Wheatsfied a few weeks ago on my way to Farmer's Market. Wheatsfield is the natural store in my city where I get all my goodies. Anyways, these musicians simply had nothing better to do, so they wrote a song about an octopus, zebra, coyote, and heaven.

Oh and I need money. Send me money.

Here is the video!

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Anonymous said...

Love your rawckin' vid kid!